Best Control Surface For Logic X Pro For Musical Journey

Are you a music enthusiast? Of course, you are, that’s why you are here to know about the melody creation system. Music is in our nature; people pick it and put it into their creativity. Now when you hear symphonic music, you will ever get disturbing sounds when it is played, that’s the work of digital audio workstation.

These DAW works are done by super software logic X pro. Now the thing is you need equipment to control your software for better performance of your audio which will be edited, thus you need a Best Control Surface for Logic x Pro.

Intro with Controllers:

When it is a work of editing music and all, you have two options, one is portable and another is non-portable, as the size of controllers is mini to the max, portable equipment comes with mini to mid shapes, easy to carry in your kit, and you can work whenever you want and able to set up. But max sized required bigger space because it has so many switches and panels like an all-rounder.  Play record fast forward rewind

  • Nano kontrol2 Midi control surface: this controller is extremely easy to work with, that why is very much popular among musicians and audio editors. It is so small in size that you can put it into your work table while working and still you will get lots of blank space to work with. The wonderful thing is that it is a wireless controller with eight channels and switches & for full review do read
  • Mini ultra-compact universal USB controller: this is another mini portable controller where you will get 16 types of features knobs and 25 control channels for working with volumes, forward, rewind, speed up, and other various things. It will be connected with a USB cable.
  • Fader port production controller: now this controller is a genius invention with its entire feature, it is not a mini not a max in size. Unique for your home studio set up, and mostly easy device to be used by a beginner. It has a recorder, play pause, stop, rewind, forward, loop, etc buttons to generate along with logic x pro.
  • X32 Behringer surface controller: now come to the masterpiece, it is aboard with all the special needed features while recording audio to editing with logic pro. It has a digital mixer, LCR, and matrix, along with a microphone system. This total board has 40 plugs in spaces, and more than 40 plus various switches and knobs along with control channels.

How to install?

First, you have to install the logic x pro software through the internet, and then you have to connect the controller surface with your device with plugs. You will get an option in your device to set up the controller with your software, and done.

The thing you should know, that you have to purchase it from online stores, if you get any offer you can access a free trial version before buying for some limited time. All these surface controllers come with more variety of sets and designs, which have different work abilities. So go ahead with your soulful musical creations with Best Control Surface for Logic x Pro.

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