What Are The Types Of News That We Find In A News Source Generally?

Everyone has different interests, and that is how they decide what they want to know. And thanks to the sources that provide us with the news, we can get to know what we want to know. We can use social media platforms and the accounts like newsnow nigeria to know what is going on or just check the newspaper. It all depends on the preference, and it is the easiest thing too.

But what are the types that we see on the sources? Don’t worry! We have listed them all below for you. So go on and gather the knowledge about it!

News reports

There are so many types of news reports that we can find in the different sources of news. They are very important, and they help the person know what is going on in the surroundings and gather all the info. Many skilled journalists write this one, and it needs to be in the language that everyone can read, adults, teens who are students and everyone.

Business news

There are many people interested in the business, and through online platforms or other forms of news, they can get the info. It will be an easy thing to get to know, and those who look for business opportunities; they can get to know all about it. It will help people who like to do trading in what business is best to invest in too.


There can be a lot of things in this type of slot of the source. We know that it is all about what a person wants to know about, which intrigues people a lot. Who doesn’t want to get entertained, right? Everyone does, and with the help of using online websites or social media platforms, we can access entertainment at any time. It is all about technology and how someone uses it to get information.


Some might be so interested in it and some not. It is a topic that can be so enticing for a person once they start getting to know all about it. It can help a person grow and think logically and practically at the same time. Also, we need to know what is going on in the government and what they will do for the audience to give them the best they deserve. So there are many people who look for this one.


We all depend on technology these days, and it is all science that is behind the modernization. With the help of this thing, it is possible for the person to know what went behind the discovery or the innovation too. It will help the person know many different things, and this will be such an interesting thing to know too.

Lastly, there are so many other types of topics that come under the type of news. And the best part is that we can check it on newsnow nigeria very easily too.

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