Here is the list of high end social media applications for android

The social media is a favorite option for people of all age groups. This is because they can be in touch with anyone in the entire world just by sitting at their place. The emergence of the android applications have reduced the burden of the individuals as now they do not have to access their big websites.

The below mentioned are some of the details regarding some of the best social medial applications that are developed for the android platform.


Within a very short time of launch, Snapchat has become one of the top-rated social media application on the android platform. It is basically a photo chat application with some of the extraordinary features. You cannot explore these unique features in any other social media application.

If you access the android apps download apk list, it lies on the top of the list because of the highest number of downloads. It has been noticed that the mostly young generation is highly interested in having access to this application on their android smartphone.


The job is the most essential factor which decides the living of the individuals. And people who have just got graduated or looking for any new job, then LinkedIn is teg perfect option for is a professional application which has an account of some of the top-rated companies and human resource officers who are offering jobs openings.

Basically, you will get a huge platform to connect with the professionals who are in the same field. So, you should indeed install this android application on your smartphone as it will be a great deal for you.


Facebook is the known as the father of social media platforms, and hardly there is an individual left in the world who is not accessing the Facebook. By considering the use of Facebook, you will not only be able to connect with people from different regions of the world but also able to get an idea about what is happening in their lives.

So, you should surely have the android application of Facebook on your smartphone. It will even give you updates about what is happening in the world, and you will surely find it one of the best applications.


If you want to get an idea about what is in the mind of top personalities of the world and global or national issue, then Twitter is the topmost option for you. This android application is best because it becomes in the top list when there is something big happening in the world.

The best part of this platform is that you will get an idea about any of the news in the short posts, which will save you lots of time. The overall thing is that if you have any favorite person in any of the fields, then it is a better option to follow them through the use of the Twitter application.

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