Olymp Trade- Fees And Leverage Conditions You Should Know About

Plenty of people trade daily with the help of different broker services and Olymp is one of those services you can access online without any issue. At the beginning of the Olymp trade in Thailand, it might be a whole lot confusing but you can watch tutorial videos which will help you a lot. You can easily start investing in it without any issues at all.

Now if we talk about the fee as every broker charges a fee for trading then there is a fixed overnight fee on over-night trading that is 15%. Rather than this, there is no need to pay fees for account maintenance or any custodial fees. Different subscription plans were available that you can consider and pay the price accordingly.

If you have not to log in or used your account in 180 days then you have to pay fees for inactivity which is genuine as every service charges this one. The fees for inactivity are 10 dollars per month so if you do not want to pay this then you can deactivate your account and get all of your money back.

There are some other additional things like trade amount, multiplier, market situation, and much more on the basis of which you need to pay the fees. Want to tread bitcoin? Click and go to https://www.fxsinergi.com/รวว-olymp-trade-–-โบรกเกอรหลอกลวงหรอของจรง

Information on leverage

The leverages are variable that completely depends on the type of trade. So you should consider it accordingly as if you do not want to pay more for the trading. Olymp services offer promises attractive leverages up to 1:400. If you are considering popular forex pairs then their leverage is set at 1:30.

The levels of leverages settle up are extremely official and sanctioned the same across the online brokers. If we talk about average leverage then it is set at 1:20 so you will find other leverages nearby it.

What about the payment methods?

It is highly important to add a payment method because without that you cannot be able to deposit a single penny and trading cannot be possible so make sure about this thing. Also if you are new then you should need to know about different deposits methods like credit/debit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, skrill, Neteller, and much more.

You can use any payment method discussed above as they all are acceptable and legal among the Olymp trade. Also, keep one thing in mind that bank transfer can take several hours and there is no need to pay commission money while deposit as they are totally free.

Experience lightning-fast withdrawals

You will get to experience the fastest withdrawal of all time and it is to be done by the same method as deposit. Most of the withdrawal is processed on the same day but Olymp services will inform you about 3 working days of withdrawal. Also, check out the market price while withdrawal if you do not want to face losses.

In this way, you can safely deposit and withdraw the money without facing any issues at all at the time of using Olymp services.

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