Working from home is every employee’s dream, no matter whatever field do they belong to. Newly found studies revealed that working from home can increase productivity aggressively but no employee ever got this chance of working from home and never having to go to their office desk.

Now they do not have to report their files on time and can do anything in between their work hours. Therefore, productivity has actually decreased as well as efficiency. So how can you maximize your WFH productivity?

Follow the following tips to feel fresh and maximize your work from home:

  • Build/ set up your work desk:

Design the desk as you ever wanted it to be, and set manage cables. Choose between your PC and laptop. Laptop with BT shared peripherals consume less place.

  • Invest in what you feel comfortable:

Ergonomics is as important as aesthetics. If you are uncomfortable sitting on your chair and standing up for no real reasons, forget productivity, and you are not going to do your work on time.

  • Set real work hours:

How would you start your day on a regular day? Now apply the same in your WFH management, and plan things accordingly.

  • Choose your office attire and not your daily pajamas:

Pajamas are only for sleeping. Office attire makes you feel smart and active. And it keeps reminding you of your deadlines.

  • Have a good vegan breakfast:

Add protein, carbs, and some taste to your breakfast. Take it heavily so that you do not have to leave your place for food-hunt.

  • Make to-do lists and use a planner:

Use Google Calendar for Chromebook or momentum-dash for Windows.

  • Keep in touch with your workmates:

Use Google Keep for video chats and Telegram for office chats, because people can’t post statuses on Telegram.

  • Declutter your workspace:

Clean your private or workspace every day, and be your own janitor. A cleanroom brings in positivity and keeps the dark dimension away.

  • Connect-disconnect:

Connect to the internet but disconnect from social media, so that you do not have to refresh your feed and waste your time.

  • Avoid multitasking:

Multitasking leads to confusion, which leads to procrastination. Stay focused and maintain your daily drivers, but stick to one task at a time. Otherwise, you will miss something else.

  • Read a book or plant a sapling with your family:

Your family needs you when you all are at home. It’s impossible to tolerate someone managing everything, and the other is spending time staring at the computer screen. Talk to real humans.

  • Enjoy on a metered-connection:

Watch a movie or web series or listen to podcasts but with data caps, so they stop, and it is the time to increase productivity.

  • Read Bhagavad-Gita, other religious books, to telecast your mind towards positive things.

Sleep, the most important thing in life. How can you stop your metabolic activities, as sleep is an important part? Take a good sleep to remain focused throughout the day.

Being efficient working from home could be a challenge due to the distractions and less communication than when you are working in the office. If you apply these tips then you will be an expert at working from home.

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