Deciding your career is the ultimate goal of your life. However, the decision depends on our interest and significant impression of others. One such fascination career is Chemical Research jobs. Initially, it would help if you were confused about selecting a position which could make a substantial change in your life.

If you are one of the graduates in chemistry, then we have the perfect career options for you. There are many opportunities for chemical graduates with diverse natures, salary, and qualifications, whether it’s a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. Here is the list of top five chemical research-related jobs.

  • Analytical Chemist:

Analytical chemist responsibility is to analyze and explore the chemical structure, including the nature of the substances. They should predict the components in both a qualitative and quantitative way.  This successful role also involves determining the reaction of one element with the other.

The work includes checking on drugs, food, and other products. Their final words would confirm whether they are suitable for human consumption. It helps in improve your skills in forensic, toxicology, and others.

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  • Chemical Engineer:

The main profile of the chemical engineer lies in the conversion of chemical substances into commercial products. It is for those who desire industrial jobs. The engineer aids in designing and building such equipment. These products will be needed by the chemical plants, research laboratories, oil and gas refineries, and others. The primary principal field subjects behind the job are maths, physics, chemistry, and biology. Production of food, fuel, drugs is the primary application of the chemical engineer job.

  • Material Scientists:

In recent days, there is a broad scope for the material scientist whose job is based on the field of nanotechnology. The qualified material scientist should have an excellent knowledge of the subject’s physics and chemistry. These scientists should introduce new blocks of cement, ceramics, rubbers, and metals developed with their newly found formula. They determine the natural and synthetic substance for their properties, composition, and the way to modify them to create a new material. However, to acquire the job, you should at least have a master’s degree, and the recruiters highly prefer Ph.D.

  • Forensic Scientist:

A forensic scientist is another fascinating job whose job is to analyze the forensic particles acquired from the crime scenes. The forensic shreds of evidence to be collected are blood samples, hair, fingerprints or non-biological substances like paint. Their job role is highly beneficial in investigating a case and helps in producing the legal documents as required. The job has been considered to be the best choice for your career growth.

  • Pharmacologists:

Chemistry graduates are most interested in the pharmacology field where they need to diagnose and test the drugs. They analyze how the components of the drugs interact with the body systems. The test process involves different phases occur in the lab, which includes both human and animals.

Explore the options we mentioned above and make sure the career interest you in the best way possible. But once you are fixed in one, thrive hard and create opportunities. Some job profile would be familiar, and others may be new, but there will be a challenge in every work to test your skill and talent.

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