What is poker? Where was poker originated?

Poker is also known as a card game that is played by a deck of cards; poker has a set of 52 cards. Basically, poker is a gambling game, which needs at least two people to play. It is believed that poker was started around 1000 years ago and still popular. Back in that time poker was famous as playing an offline sport but in this modernized world, poker game has an excellent trend for playing online.

Poker game is one of the most popular casino games. By this game, poker one can earn money as it is a famous sport for gambling, bets are placed between players like real money, and at the end of the game, cash gets exchanged between the players. There are many situs poker online which you will find on internet and these sites can help you to make real money.

History of poker

This is something to debate on as the game is descended from French poque, and the game is almost similar to a nas, round which is played in Persia. The game there was played in 20 cards, but later, the entire 52 card set was used and has gone the most popular trend. Recently poker’s popularity has gone to another extent.

The game of poker is now played in hundreds of discrepancies. Slowly the game has made a place in online and offline casinos.

Online poker 

Online poker is played through the internet or any other online casinos. Increment in poker players all around the world is mainly due to this feature only. These online venues are probably cheaper than offline ones due to less overhead cost. Online poker is simply better than offline poker as there is no fear of fraud and other misuses of your money. In India, there are more than a thousand websites for poker currently; you can check situs poker online on internet and you will find out many results for your research.

How is it played?

As we know, poker is a card game and consists of 52 cards in a set, then let’s discusses more on it. This is the only game that is played in more than 100 different variations with the same cards. How it shall be played depends on the rules of the games. It is played in between two or more persons at a time. Bets are placed between two people, and then it can be played further. Some of the most famous poker games are a seven-card stud, five-card draw, and Badugi.


To conclude, we can say poker is a very common online and offline game which is being played for thousands of years and is still the most popular card game of all time. We have discussed its history and its game play above. Some people have issues while finding a poker site online but situs poker online solve all your queries regarding it and will give you the best results for it.

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